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Songcatcher Miniature Horse Ranch proudly offers the following horses for sale.  Prices and availability subject to change at any time due to stage of pregnancy, weaning, training, etc. and all horses are subject to withdrawal or prior sale. More photos available upon request. Vet checks are welcome at buyer expense.   We can now accept payments by PayPal with a 3.5% buyers premium.  Sales are not considered final until a deposit has been received.  

    I will be happy to take more/specific photos if needed.


Updated 10/12/18


Songcatchers name pending - AMHA/AMHR eligible.    d.o.b. 04/ /2018  Refined  tiny Black colt with a beautiful head. Sired by Little Un Farm Johns Little Safari and out of Songcatchers Whispering Hope. Friendly little boy.  Expected to mature around 31 inches.  Pictures coming soon.   


   Songcatchers The Cowboy Rides Away - AMHA/AMHR registered.    d.o.b. 04/02/2015  Beautiful tiny Black and White colt with partial blue eyes.  Sired by McSperitts Rowdy Night Image and out of Songcatchers Hello Mary Lou.  This tiny boy started out at 18.5 inches and measures 28.25 inches as a two year old.  He will probably mature around 29 inches.  Lab tested LWO negative.   Not available at this time.      




   I will be happy to take more/specific photos if needed.



At Songcatcher Ranch, we want to make your purchase and ownership as easy as possible. We will assist by filling out all paperwork needed for transfers as well as helping you fill out your new membership applications. We will continue to help you with any questions you may have regarding registry work or general care of your horse as long as you need. We love to keep in contact with our customers and have many repeat customers.


 Short term Payment plans may be arranged on most horses. Terms negotiable. Deposits are non refundable. Package deals available when buying more than one horse.  Transportation may be arranged, but is not included in listed price.  Purchase price includes coggins test and health certificate when needed for out of state transport. Pre-purchase vet exams are welcomed at buyer expense.


Recently Sold Horses:

 Little Un Farm Johns Little Safari  - AMHA/AMHR registered 28 inch Black Pinto Stallion, LWO negative.  d.o.b. 05/08/2008.  Beautiful head and neck, correct conformation, tiny size, and wonderful disposition, Little Un has the attributes breeders of tiny, Black Pintos look for.  Add to that a spectacular pedigree. Sired by MCC Robin Hoods Little John (a L & D Scout Grandson) and out of POES Petite Priceless Rebel ( a Sids Rebel grand daughter).  His pedigree also includes Flying W Farms Little Blue Boy, Rowdy (twice), Roan Ranger (twice), Gold Melody Boy (three times), Shadow Oaks Paul Bunyan, and Bond Showboy.  Several in his pedigree are AMHA  National/World Champions and producers of the same.  Sold. 




 Songcatchers My Darling Clementine -  d.o.b. 4/17/2012.  AMHA/AMHR registered . DNA tested and Parentage Qualified.    Sired by McSperitts Rowdy Night Image and out of Bear Farms Scholars Bright Side (Tiny).  33 inches.  Lab tested negative for LWO, positive for Splash (SW1), and homozygous for Black by Animal Genetics Inc.  Sold.       


Bottom photos taken Feb. 2015 



 Songcatchers My Little Girl - AMHA/AMHR eligible.  Papers fully guaranteed.  D.O.B. 3/24/16  Beautiful Sorrel filly with Blue eyes.  She undoubtedly carries the Splash White gene.  Sired by Little Un Farm Johns Little Safari and out of Songcatchers Hello Mary Lou.  Estimated to mature 32-33 inches.  Sold. 




Songcatchers Cherokee Maiden - AMHA/AMHR registered.  d.o.b. 4/24/2013. Tiny blue-eyed Black lab tested positive for Frame Overo and Splash White.    Sired by McSperitts Rowdy Night Image (Rowdy grandson) and out of Bear Farms Scholars Bright Side (Tiny).   Cherokee measures 30.25 inches  Sold.     



  Bears Snip A Ribbon - AMHA/AMHR registered. d.o.b. 7/2/99, 31.5 inches. JPF Little Snip X Bears Little Debbie. Beautiful jet black Pinto and producer of beautiful foals. Full sister to our former herd sire, Bears Snips Illustration. Sold.


Songcatchers Night Train To Memphis - d.o.b. 03/10/2014. McSperitts Rowdy Night Image (Rowdy grandson) X Bears Snip A Ribbon.  Lab tested positive for the Frame Overo gene by Animal Genetics Laboratory.  With his Black coat, white facial markings, and two beautiful blue eyes, Night Train makes a striking appearance.  He is expected to mature around 31 inches. Sold.  Congratulations Stephen and Cindy.




Songcatchers Ace In The Hole  d.o.b. 4/26/2014. Long legged Black colt with a Star.  Lab tested negative for LWO and negative for Splash.  Sired by 29 inch McSperitts Rowdy Night Image and out of 29.75 inch Bear Farms Scholars Bright Side (Tiny).  Ace will probably mature taller than his parents, but easily within AMHA guidelines.   Very friendly and perfect conformation.  Sold.  Congratulations Stephen and Cindy. 




  White Diamonds Angel Eyes - AMHA. d.o.b. 2/27/04. 30.25 inches tall. Sired by La Vista BTU Bay Boy Buckeroo (who was AMHA national top 10 two year old stallions (28" and under) and AMHA national amateur top 10 senior stallions) and out of White Diamonds RRS Stars Twilight. Angel Eyes is a grand daughter of BTU on the top and of NFC Rowdy Reigns Supreme (double bred Rowdy) on the bottom. She has one blue eye and a wonderful disposition. She is lab tested LWO negative.  I am not aware if Angel Eyes had a foal before I bought her in 2011 or not.  I do know that her previous owner had not registered any foals in the last few years due to illness.  She miscarried a foal in 2012 and has not had a foal since.  I have observed positive cover by my 28 inch Black Pinto stallion, Little Un Farm Johns Little Safari, and she does appear to be in foal.  For someone who has the resources to check her out for problems, she could be a valuable addition or a lovely pet or companion. Sold.  Congratulations Camille.      




 Reflections Daniela CBY- AMHA/AMHR  d.o.b. 03/08/07. Homozygous Bay Tobiano, 28.5 inches tall. Sired by Lucky 17 Cowboy and out of Bertrands Ebony N Lace. Daniela is a full sister to Reflections Buttons N Bows CBY and Reflections Paradigm CBY, both multiple champion mares at REFLECTIONS, a miniature horse farm.  Daniela is one of those horses who gets along with people better than with horses.  She is at the bottom of the pecking order and is easily pushed away by other horses.  She has had two previous foals and is currently bred to Little Un Farm Johns Little Safari, (a 28 inch Black Pinto)  for 2015.  Shown here in both clipped, professional photos and in unclipped summer coat.  Sold. Congratulations Camille.     




  7 Cs Stormy Sky -  d.o.b. 5/12/2009.  AMHA/AMHR registered.  Sired by HP Buzzarue Bondfire (29.75 inches) and out of Woodsons Stormy Night (33 inches).  Stormy is a beautiful line back Bay mare.  I recently bought Stormy and she is permanent registered in both A and R as 32 inches.  However, when I measure her I get her at 33.5 inches.  Stormy is a great mare with good bite, legs, and nice neck, and correct in every way but just bigger than I want for my breeding program.  Stormy is a 5 years old and is now exposed for the first time to McSperitts Rowdy Night Image (see Stallions Page).  She is lab tested LWO negative.  Pedigree includes Egyptian King and Orion Light Vant Huttenest.  Sold.  Congratulations Diana. 


 Songcatchers Lily Of The Valley - AMHA/AMHR (pending)  d.o.b. 4/4/2014. Tiny blue-eyed Black filly with a half bald face, lab tested positive to carry the Frame Overo gene like her sire.  Sired by 29 inch McSperitts Rowdy Night Image and out of 32.5 inch Gem Dandys TJ.   Sold.  Congratulations Debbie in Missouri.    


  Doves Pretty Penny-  d.o.b. 4/03/2000.  AMHA/AMHR registered with papers in hand.  30 inch Sorrel mare with a sweet gentle disposition.  Penny has had at least 2 foals by previous owners but they were not registered and has spent several years in a non breeding home.  She is currently being pastured with a 28 inch Black Pinto stallion (Little Un) for a 2015 foal.  Bloodlines include Bond and Komokos.  Sold.  



 Ash Creek Lady Di - AMHA/AMHR registered.  DNA tested and Parentage Qualified. d.o.b. 04/11/2010. Lady Di is lab tested Homozygous for the Tobiano Pinto gene.  Sired by World/National Top 10 Driving stallion, Rocking M Blues Bo Jangles and out of Rocking M 3T Just Call Me Darlin.   Lady Di is 31 inches.  Bred to 30.25 inch Palomino Pinto, Catca Woods Duke of Earl for a May, 2014 foal.  Sold.  Thank you Diana.  


 Songcatchers Ol Blue Eyes - AMHA/AMHR (pending) d.o.b. 4/12/2013. Tiny blue-eyed Silver/Black Tobiano/Splash/possibly Frame colt. Sired by McSperitts Rowdy Night Image and out of Gem Dandys TJ.   Sold.



 Songcatchers Scarlet Ribbons - 4/24/10. Chestnut/Sorrel Pinto filly with two blue eyes. Sired by 28 inch Bears Indian Icon and out of 31 inch Bears Snip A Ribbon (shown above). 20.5 inches at birth. Showy attitude and the look of a princess. Scarlet is on track to mature in the 31 inch range. DNA'd and Parentage Qualified. Sold.



 Songcatchers Can You Imagine (Candy) - AMHA/AMHR registered with papers in hand. DNAed and Parentage Qualified. d.o.b. 7/21/10. Sired by 29 inch McSperitts Rowdy Night Image and out of 30 inch Bear Farms Nu Genes. "Candy" has one beautiful blue eye and is lab tested positive for the Frame Overo gene. Very refined filly. Sold.



 Songcatchers My Elusive Dreams - dob 4/9/2011. Sired by McSperitts Rowdy Night Image and out of Bears Snip A Ribbon. "Lucy" measured 21.5 inches tall at one day old. She will be tested for the Frame Overo gene. I have waited a long time for a well marked Black and White filly like this. Lucy is registered AMHA, DNA tested and Parentage Qualified.  She is elligible for registration with AMHR but papers have not yet been sent in.  Lucy is sold.  Congratulations Paula.